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02-22-2004, 10:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Dan McGillis 03
To quote a classic simpsons line "I wasn't chanting 'boooo', it was 'boooo-urke' (with mr. burns) haha
Good one, DM.

I really don't like Steve Coates. I find him downright irritating, in fact. However, for the first time ever, I think, I was in agreement with him yesterday.

I think the person who cares least of all is Sean Burke. It's not like it's first NHL game, and it hardly seemed to bother him. I watched the recent games against Boston and Atlanta, and based on what I saw, the only one I'm hanging him out to dry on is the Zaumner rebound goal. In my opinion, all the rest were either poor defensive plays or superior work by the opposition. Defensive breakdowns leading to odd-man rushes (Bergeron), allowing talented players to skate free in the slot (Kovalchuk), defensemen on the wrong side of big forwards standing in front (Murray), and his own players that can't get out of the way (Ragnarsson).

Certain fans will turn on the ogre-like charm and whine (make no mistake, booing the goaltender is whining for the sake of whining in this case) no matter the situation, like a cow will moo (pun intended) - they just don't know any better. "I grew in Philly, and this is what we do, so I'm doin' it!" There's a time to boo, and there's a time to consider that other forces are at work. I look through this thread, and I see many people who are rather objective members of this forum and don't often jump on this bandwagon, so I suppose that's nothing more than a difference of opinion. They just think it's time to boo. Fair enough. Then there's other people I see listed who are card-carrying members of the Boo & W(h)ine Club - if the sun is up, it must time to boo. They probably have a little case of the DTs if they're not booing. They ALWAYS complain (they like to call it "telling it like it is") and the concept of walking in another's shoes is so far beyond them that they would do so even if Sonny Jesus himself magically appeared between the pipes. The thought that they themselves could have even the slightest contribution to the negativity milling below the surface in this town NEVER crosses their minds.

It's not even irritating anymore, it's just funny - like the moo (boo) cow chewing on grass. You know, funny.

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