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04-24-2007, 07:45 PM
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I posted this on the Stanley Cup forum in the thread for this series:
Someone posted a clip of Miller talking about quotes from Avery and Renney and I have to be honest, it seems like the media is building it up to be way more than it actually is. If you hear the comment, especially those from Renney, you know he respects the Sabres and knows this is going to be FAR from a cake walk. However to hear the Buffalo media explain it to Miller who obviously is hearing it for the first time, seems a little like they are trying to blow those comments out of proportion and put misconceptions into Millers head. Avery is what he is, everyone in the NHL knows about him and his antics on and off the ice, I think the Sabres as a team are strong enough for the most part to ignore him (with a few guys getting annoyed but nothing like Atlanta), but while I think they are strong enough to ignore him, one may wonder if they will try too hard to ignore him and not play the game the way they normally would. Honestly I don't know what to expect from this series. I seriously doubt that this will be a sweep for either team. The Sabres aren't as scary as they were in the beginning of the season, with all due respect, they aren't, however that isn't to even suggest they aren't a solid,deep,talented team, one would have to be insane to think otherwise. My basis for saying that they aren't as scary is simply that they(from the games I have seen, and to be fair I haven't seen many) but from the games I have watched it seems to ME that if you can get the puck in down low and work the boards the D gets a little lost. The Islanders did that in spurts during the last series and it worked well for them, if a team can sustain that pressure down low and make the D work you can beat them. That may seem like "duh, do that to any team and they will have a hard time", but many times you don't see that. If the Rangers attempt to trade chances with Buffalo, its going to be tough to beat them. Like I said earlier I cant say with any certainty that anything will or wont happen other than the series starts tomorrow. (I stole that from Jagr ) ) Best of luck to both teams in the series. LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!
This is the clip I referred to in my post

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