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Originally Posted by SPG View Post
Excellent point. If a team needs an opponent with someone like Avery to pump them up for the Conference Semifinals, there are some issues.
Flame away, i posted in a rangers forum, i don't expect much sympathy or agreement, but all in all, both teams are in the same place. Issues or otherwise. The better team will win, issues or otherwise.

Originally Posted by The Big Apple View Post
Niel's so called "cheap shot" on Drury, is what real hockey fans call getting owned...
I don't want to relive the debate, but Neal started skating from behind and hit Drury after he shot the puck. Since he had no time to react, because he had shot the puck and the fact that he was made aware of Neal at the last minute, demonstrates that the hit was cheap. Was it legal? Yes. Could Neal stop from hitting him? Yes. I will settle for it was a controversial hit, how does that sound?

Originally Posted by mnorman1 View Post
1) Avery will bug Buffalo by the end of Game 2. Every team says the same thing, it never happens. The only way to take him out of the picture is to get an anti-Avery to mess with him. Avery really isn't that big of a presence just because he's Avery - he's there to shift attention away from Jagr, Nylander, etc.

2) Buffalo is not a sleeping giant. The only time this team was "giant" was 60 games ago. Right now it's just really really good. They won in 5 against NYI, and although it wasn't completely dominating, that's still impressive for the playoffs. Buffalo is good, a definite cup contender, but not someone that is going to win the rest of these series with ease.

Rangers win tonight = 6 or 7 games going either way.
Sabres win tonight = Buffalo wins series in 5 or 6.
This is as neutral as a post i will probably see, thanks. this is what i hope for.

Point 1: awesome. i agree with the taking the heat off of the players that do matter. will he be under everyone's skin? probably not. under some? yes, he is effective. His play is great at that. and the number of how many he pisses off depends on how the series is going. If its 2-0 rangers, yeah he will piss alot of people off. If its 2-0 sabres, not so much.

Point 2: I'll agree as well, for the most part. Looking at the last 60, not awesome. Last 10 games of the season they did well. Did that matter in the first round, no. The sabres were not decisively the best team, although what separates the good teams from everyone else is their ability to win close ones. Because they are cup contenders, does not mean everyone is going to roll over. It will be a tough way, many people in Buffalo say that this is our first round of the playoffs. This will not be an easy series by any means. No matter how lopsided any outcome ****may**** be. This will be a hard fought battle. Both teams are comparable to each other.

and i also agree game 1 is crucial to the outcome of this series.

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