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04-26-2007, 01:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Pinkfloyd View Post
Tell me exactly how Bernier and Cheechoo's injuries were phantom injuries? They both missed the remainder of those games they were hurt in and it was obvious at least in Cheechoo's case that he wasn't the same player afterwards.

I can give you the Ron Wilson thing just because that's a matter of opinion but to disrespect the players in such a manner is just wrong especially when it was Nashville's own fault for going after hits that they shouldn't have.
Wilson spoke like Bernier was facing some sort of career-ending injury, moaned that 1 game would never be enough for Radulov...and guess which one of them missed game 3. Meanwhile, there've been far worse hits in the playoffs(the hit on Eaves, the hit on Scuderi, to mention 2) that didn't bring about a suspension. In the case of the hit on Scuderi...all it brought was a 2 minute minor. Why? There were no "we can't be expected to play when they're out there headhunting, the refs are doing nothing, blah blah" from any of the coaches involved. Wilson, I'll give him credit, turned the series with his whining. Even though Nashville was able to hold down SJ on the PP, no team can be expected to survive that sort of uphill grind for an entire series. It's easy to say, "well, they should have been more disciplined," but the fact of the matter was that in EACH game after the Radulov suspension, there were numerous ticky-tack calls against the Predators...outside observers even noticed that, so calling that a homer comment won't fly, either. Were all of the penalties were legit penalties...that in MOST situations are let go. But not when you're under the microscope...which brings me back to Wilson's media tactics. He knew what he was doing, and it worked like a charm. If the calls were made consistently...against both teams...that'd be one thing, but the Predators were being held to one standard and the Sharks another.

So...forgive the "uphill" battle when understanding why Preds fans are opting to cheer for their most hated rival over the Sharks.


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