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04-26-2007, 04:08 AM
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Originally Posted by nomorekids View Post
and...I'll add...I wouldn't even have a problem with the suspension if the league was consistent about it. As mentioned, I saw a few hits which were far worse\riskier..with no reprisal from the league.
When the NHL didn't suspend Langkow for the sucker-punch on Lebda, it pretty much made all the Preds suspensions look like complete overreactions. Doesn't get much more blatantly obvious than what happened there.....

Ron Wilson is a whiner and always will be. He was a whiner when the Wings beat his Ducks team. He was a whiner when the Wings beat his Capitols team. He'll be a whiner when the Wings (hopefully) beat his Sharks team as well.

Since Vancouver looks like it may roll over for the Ducks, the Wings just HAVE to win. I don't think I could stand a WCF between Whiner Wilson and Blowhard Burke. If not Detroit, then PLEASE be Vancouver playing for the Cup.....

Originally Posted by off_the_shneid View Post
Kudos to Wilson then for working with what he was given and using the media to get the NHL's sympathy. Remember, though, that Wilson did not start the problem. He was protecting his players and if he got some calls to go his way later in the series than so be it. Is a coach not entitled to point out his point of view of the game. I believe it is his job, seeing as he got fined for not answering any questions after Game 2. I don't think he was complaining, but more of letting everybody know what was going down. In the first two games, one of his players was helped of the ice due to a questionable hit. Put yourself in his shoes. Do you say nothing and allow the possiblity of more players to be helped of the ice? I think not, but that's just me. RW can be a crafty SOB at times. Before the playoffs, he had the legality of Teemu Selanne's stick checked when SJ was about to go down a man for a 4-on-3. No surprise that Teemu's stick was illegal, but bottom line is that RW saved that game by calling him out. He gave the Sharks a better chance at winning. Did he mean to get the NHL's attention by sayig that the Preds are dirty? You seem to have that answer already. I do know that it worked. This is the playoffs, after all.
Go review some history. He was calling the Wings team that pummeled his precious Caps a team of "dirty thugs" (yes that's a direct quote). The Wings.....uh huh. He twists the facts, misrepresents the truth, and occasionally flat-out makes stuff up, all in an attempt to convince the world that his team is oppressed and angelic. If the NHL had "diving" for coaches, he'd be the league leader.....

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