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02-22-2004, 04:20 PM
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Originally Posted by jl.roberts
Who really cares whether or not Saku Koivu can speak French. He speaks English and Finnish, that's two languages, and between battling cancer and all sorts of other ailments doesn't leave the guy with all sorts of time to go out and learn a whole new dictionary.

I think he does enough of his talking through his play. No matter what the guy says (be it in any language), he's going to have his fair share of critics. Besides, how many people do you think teach French in Finland during the summer? I believe Koivu returns home every summer, wouldn't you? I mean, if you were from Chicoutimi and were playing for the Devils, would you not want to return home for the off-season and enjoy yourself (after all, you'd be playing the trap all year :p) instead of learning a new language?

I am sure all guys coming from Chicoutimi and playing in the NHL are speaking English !

As for learning a third language, there is nothing there ! Once you have a second language, the others are easier to learn. And he can learn from his teamates during the 8 months he is spending in Montreal since NINE years ! And again! I don't want him to speak French fluently, just make a ****ing EFFORT to learn few words.. Is that so complicated and Hard to understand ?

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