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04-26-2007, 11:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Ranger1135 View Post
IMO I think it boiled down to the penalties. 5-5 through the first 35 minutes of the game the Rangers matched up fairly well. Although when we stopped skating with them and got back on our heals we saw the results and I think that was a direct result of how much time we spent on the PK.
Through the first 10 minutes of the first we skated with this team and granted we exchanged chances, but I would say the Rangers had the better of those and I would offer that Lundquist is the more capable of the two netminders.
I say roll the dice in game 2, run and gun with them. It was obvious that once we went back on our heals and went into defensive mode we looked like we were standing still and the Sabres took advantage of that with their superior speed. Third period we had to go for broke and become more assertive and guess what....we were the more dominant team.
I am not saying give the forwards a balnk check when it comes to the backcheck or that the D-men should throw caution to the wind and pinch at every perceived opportunity. But I am saying that during the opening 10 minutes of last nights game and the way the Rangers were firing the puck to the net at every opportunity created a number of solid scoring chanes which, before the conga line to the PB started, gave the Rangers a better chance to win.
I've been saying it all season long, granted not here, but when the Rangers initiate rather than react they can do some incredible things. That 4 minute brain fart was the result of 8 or 9 minutes of previous reaction, not action.
I would also hazard a guess that as aggresive as they came out last night and as well as they played the first half of the period caught the Sabres off guard mind you the Sabres did score on average 4 GAG in the regular season, but they gave up 3 GAG as well. I'd put my faith in Hank and go toe to toe.
Hey, im from Buffalo, obviously a sabres fan, and you seem like somone who has a better understanding of what went wrong and what needs to be done to beat the Sabres, but as a hockey fan in general, do you really think that going up and down the ice with the sabres is really going to help your chances, i mean the rangers have some excellent players, but they don't have the depth, so if the rangers third line goes out there and tries to outskate the sabres third line (Vanek, roy, Max afinegenof) the entire game they are fighting a losing battle, not to mention the fourth line. The sabres are built toget better as the game progresses, and we always run four lines and we match any line with any line, thats how Ruff is, but in the end, 9 times out of 10, we end up on the good end.....just my opinon.......oh and i respect that you aren't like those dumb islander fans who blame the officials for everything, at least u admit that those penalties WERE penalties.....good insight though....

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