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04-27-2007, 01:55 AM
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Originally Posted by braindead View Post
I swear after the Oilers series last year that one might think you would understand what it's like to have someone come to your boards after a series loss like that and make posts like yours... but I guess not. Give it a rest already-- this is a poll thread for who the Preds fans are going to root for in the next series and why.

Very well put.

Oilers fans saying that the Torres hit was clean because the league, in its great wisdom, did not punish the hit were not welcome on the Sharks boards.

Sharks fans, please let it go.

Years ago, when Brian Burke was Director of Hockey Operations, he talked to fans after a game in San Jose. He admitted that the NHL has different standards of officiating for different players. The way he put it was that a guy like Owen Nolan who plays a physical game, gets away with more, but also other players get away with more against him. Basically, if you opt into playing physical, it goes both ways.

The reality is that it runs deeper than that. Tootoo, for example, seems to be given no leeway, and nearly everything borderline is called.

Joe Thornton, he is a huge guy. He gets hooked and held all the time, he's so strong he rarely goes down, and often these infractions are not called. On the other hand, if he does go down, the ref's arm tends to go up, even on something borderline. That's just how it goes.

The most frustrating thing about watching the NHL, for me at least, is the inconsistency of officiating, both on the ice and from the league offices. It would be an interesting study to collect 50 clips of penalties called, and 50 plays that were borderline but not called, and have players and refs try to correctly guess which were called.

I am a Sharks fan, and I thought Nashville got nabbed on more borderline stuff than the Sharks. There are a lot of potential reasons depending on your PoV, but that is cold comfort for the fans of the team who lost.

Let the Preds fans be, debating calls in a series that is over may not seem like trolling, but it is.

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