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04-27-2007, 02:05 AM
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Originally Posted by SJGoalie32 View Post
Yes, and that didn't stop the Red Wings from crushing the Capitals that year, now did it?

At the same time Wilson was "misrepresenting" the truth to the media, one Mr. Trotz was busy commenting that Radulov's hit wasn't dirty, the rookie was just overly "excited," and whining that Clowe should receive "heavy suspensions" for instigating a fight (usually an additional 2-min. minor penalty). RW was penalized $10,000 for his comments in the press (or lack thereof).

Both coaches whined. But....and here's the part that you Nashville fans don't seem to be getting......if Ron Wilson's comments to the media were the difference between your team winning that series and losing in five games, maybe your team wasn't all that good to begin with.

Refs call some things incorrectly and miss other happens. Bottom line, you make your own breaks.

If you want to get the benefit of the doubt from the officials in the 2nd period, don't spend the entire 1st period throwing elbows and cross-checks after the whistles. If you want the benefit of the doubt from the league offices, don't send a bunch of guys to the Commish's office for suspension review (Tootoo last month, Hartnell 3 times, Radulov....Sharks: none, until Clowe). And when you KNOW the refs are going to call a tighter game, don't go slashing a guy's stick in half in the offensive zone. Don't put the blade of your stick into a guy's midsection when you KNOW it's going to be called. Don't take a hand off your stick and wrap it around another player. That's the lack of discipline we're talking about.

And in the final game, in the critical moments, with your team's season on the line, two Predators took 7 minutes of unnecessary penalties (resulting in a 5-on-3, a major, and an ejection) for stick-to-groin infractions. Those weren't borderline judgment calls by the ref. They were blatantly stupid penalties which showed a lack of mental toughness, and were far more indicative of the way the Preds played that entire series....not just the 2nd period of Game 5.

And after THAT blatant a foul, the third major penalty in 5 games, did you honestly believe the ref was likely to give a benefit-of-the-doubt call to a Nashville player on any hook or trip? You get the calls by playing a squeaky clean game for the other 58 minutes.

Call RW a whiner all you want to. It wasn't his stick spearing Erhoff's or Bernier's groins. The Sharks (the least penalized team in the league) adapted to the officiating. Good teams do that. Good teams don't put themselves in a position where one call (good or bad) will cost them the game. And while poor officiating might cost you a game, it won't cost you a series....unless you let it.
Nashville fans who are Ron Wilson haters, this is why you lost the series, not because of Wilson's remarks. SjGoalie32 is right on the money when he said that Nashville isn't that great of a team if they lost the series due to post game comments. It's silly to say that a coach's remarks are a big reason for a series loss. And if you don't think it was a deciding factor, then stop with the Wilson-bashing.

This series is in the books, just like last year's, so can't we all stop talking about it and being hateful towards Ronnie?

Go Sharks!

P.S. It's nice to play against a team that doesn't injure your players.

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