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02-22-2004, 10:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Flyers26
I'm a season ticketholder, since '96. Luckly, I have not had my tickets to a home Burke game yet. If I did, I'd boo the crap out of him & the players in front of him.
You reap what you sow...
Burke has to make the big saves, or just the basic ones, to keep them in the game.
Burke is HORRIBLE! He hasn't won a playoff series since the 80's! That's pathetic, and here he is... our savior!
If Hitch had any balls, he would have started Frank, after the San Jose game. Hitch talks about winning our division, well starting Frank against Tampa, or Boston, would have given the Flyers a better chance to get 2 points. The players on the ice, would have a better commitment to defense with a rookie in goal.
This team is in real trouble... again, and Clarke did NOTHING to upgrade the one position that needed to be upgraded.. GOALTENDER!
Who cares that Esche & Burke are buddies? Bring in a god damn goalie that can stop a puck, and push Esche to be the #1. And if Esche wasn't capable, than ride the pine. If Esche doesn't come back on top of his game, we are OUT in the 1st round... AGAIN!

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