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02-22-2004, 11:08 PM
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Originally Posted by blah
Well, at least you'd boo all of them and not just single Burke out. Nothing wrong w/ that.

How is he our savior? He's not even the best player on the team. Nor was he brought here to be. He's made some great saves and allowed some not so good goals. But unless you allow your hatred to blind you, it's obvious that he's made more great saves than he's allowed weak goals.

Arguable at best. Much closer to untrue.

Burke doesn't look tired. Niitymaki is not better than Burke. Why start Niitymaki?

They've shown no commitment to defense since the 2nd Ranger game. There's only one way to go, this is the worst the Flyers defense has been in I don't know how long.

This team is in trouble b/c of injuries, not b/c of anything Clarke did or did not do. They're losing players at an alarming rate for long periods of time.

Burke is better than Niitymaki or Little. Esche is injured and Hackett is done. I don't know how you can't call Burke an upgrade over a rookie or career AHLer.

I dunno, maybe the players? Esche was pushed to be the starter. He's been injured twice. How do you push a player who's injured to be the #1?

I disagree completely. Burke has shown flashes of being considerably better than Esche.
IMO the defense has let the Flyers down. Not the goalie. Booing Burke is as rididulous as booing McNabb.

I'm holding my judgement of Burke until the defense plays at the level it is capable of. Only those who are trying to portray themselves as unknowledgeable fans would base their evaluations of Burke on what they saw in the SJ-TB games.
What booing of McNabb are you talking about, from draft day? I'll agree with you there... but any other booing, I think he quite well deserves (this is off topic but), I have to agree with those who say he's overrated. I'm not a professional athlete, but I know how to throw a spiral, it was sad watching the playoffs this year and seeing him tossing up ducks all the time. He needs receivers too, but hell, if he can't put up a clean ball, I don't think it means anything. Well, that rant is over.

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