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04-28-2007, 06:30 PM
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Originally Posted by 2ForRoughing View Post
well, sorry to be a jerk but you're off base in your assesment of Mayers as well. To begin with Mayers has stopped "progressing." He's 32. What you see is what you get. No more. He will NEVER hit 17 goals a year unless goalies suddenly go both blind and deaf at midpoint of next year. Then he may have a shot at it. He's lucky to get 17 points a year, his skills are so weak.
C'mon folks...
I don't agree. I've watched him play for 10 years now. It's true that most 32 year olds aren't improving in their game. But Jamal was still improving in his offensive game when he had his bad injury. Before that, he was on a pace for goals in the high teens. True, he doesn't have the softest hands, or the best moves on breakaways, and his shot isn't very accurate. But his offensive game was improving every year up until the injury, and he seemed to be looking a little better again this season. Of course, at best, he's the muscle guy on line3, or a 4th liner/PK specialist. The Blues might be better off NOT having him score 15-17 goals. Because if he does that, it means that they played him a lot on line3, or even a little on line2 in emergencies, and he got a little PP time. All that would mean they had a really weak forward roster, and a lot of injuries to boot (a la 2005-06).

But he's been on his way to 15 goals a couple times when injuries popped up or changes in linemates or playing time cut that off. It could happen, even in a situation that isn't indicative of Blues' weak compliment of forwards.

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