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02-23-2004, 12:32 AM
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Originally Posted by NordiquesFan
"des fans hypocrites " Voila! Environ 200 personnes ont huées Saku. Il y avait alors envrion 19 000-19 500 personnes qui continuaient de regarder le match sans mauvaises intentions.
C'est vraiment plate et con de la part de ces gens mais ce n'est qu'un petit groupe et ils ne représentent pas les fans en général.
Je suis d'accord, c'est un incident regrettable mais la réaction dans ce forum est aussi très bizarre. Il y a ici une atmosphère presque francophobe lorsqu'il est question des médias francophones du Québec. Il y a des Michel Villeneuve et des Bertrand Raymond dans toutes les grandes villes d'Amérique du Nord, c'est l'élément francophone qui fait sursauter bien des gens sans véritables raisons qui me dérange.

Translation (to be nice ):
"hypocrits fans" Voila! About 200 persons booed (sp?) Saku. Wich means there was around 19 000-19 500 persons who were just watching the game like always.
It was really dumb and stupid of those fans but they were only a small group and they don't represent the fans in general.
And I agree, it was unfortunate incident but the reaction in this forum is also very weird. There's almost a francophobe atmosphere when it comes to Québec's french media. There's Michel Villeneuve and Bertand Raymond (examples of well known controversy seeker) in every sports city in North America, it's the french element that makes people jump for no reasons here that bugs me.
i think people "jump" because they see a player who is being "mistreated" by the media and fans very much unfairly. What saku did isnt right BUT at the same time, how he is being treated by the fans and media is much, much worst. why wasnt there a public outcry after the rivet/dags incident? why wasnt rivet (who has an A on his jersey) blasted? why did no one mention dags role in it? why now is, for the most part, more media attention and people focussing on saku and not ribs who has responsibility in this case? (if the media is saying stuff about ribs please correct me, my ability to read/speak french has gone down the tubes since i stopped learning actively in highschool and my subsequent move to the states.. although i do pick up some french while watching games but its not easy lol) .. anyways saku is a very popular player for what he went through, what he is doing for the city (raising money for equipment to be donated to the hospital), his play on the ice (he may not be scoring as much as we'd like but he leaves his heart out on the ice game in and game out), etc etc.. keeping that in mind, its not surprising people would react in an angry manner if he is being mistreated by "media" and a handful of fans who, by the looks of things are being influenced by the aforementioned "media".. now IF the people who are insulting or running a smear campaign are not actually "journalists" or whatever that doesnt matter because they ARE seen on tv or thru the press and therefore are collectively part of the "the media" and are using their public post to bring down a player for their own personal reasons and thats wrong..

and one last note i'd like to make is that i myself am thankful for all you bilingual folks for translating and/or posting in both english and french since it adds to the overall views and adds to the discussion of the board.. its always better to have a discussion with folks who are of different backgrounds or who view things in a different manner because the chances of learning through that are much greater and it adds to the discussion overall

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