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04-28-2007, 09:26 PM
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Originally Posted by 2ForRoughing View Post
*** are you talking about? this has to be one of the most misguided posts I've ever read. You think Mayers lacks motivation? Are you out of your mind? The one thing this guy has going for his is he busts it on every shift. He's plenty motivated. If motivation were skills he'd be a madman. He works and skates as hard as any Blues player. I don't know what Jammer you're referring to but it isn't the one that plays for the Blues.
And no, he can't play. At all. He's got great wheels but no hands whatsoever. So you're totally wrong on both counts. He's constantly motivated and he basically can't play, except for his really good skating. He has no shot to speak of and he's an inept playmaker. His defensive reads are vastly overrated and he's not that great of a faceoff man, although that's what he does best, other than forecheck. He can't play. Either way you're wrong.
First of all I never said that Jammer couldn't play. Second of all I would suggest that you go back and look at the tape of the games this season. He by no means gives his all on every shift. He had games where he was the only Blue that showed up especially in the physical department, but he disappears at times. It is a fact that we've discussed on this board for the last 5 years. Where was he when the Blues were getting manhandled by Steve Begin? and Jordan Tootoo? I'll give him a pass on Boogard because he is a heavyweight, but there were many a night when a pest wreeked havoc on the Blues and he was Casper the ghost. He stood up many times this season as I said, but many more he didn't except to fight Jim "the cat" Hayes.

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