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02-23-2004, 09:15 AM
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If it's the beginning of an English/French war in the sports medias, then I'll be sorry... because for once, this guy is absolutely right! The **** disturbers that are spitting in 110% are the french impersonnification (sp?) of Don Cherry. While they're more subtle, their comments are intolerant to those who aren't french.

As I often repeated, Pedneault, Houle, Flynn, Chantelois and their love of Ribeiro, Dagenais, Theodore, Brisebois, etc and their intolerance (hate?) of Bulis, Markov, Komisarek is so flagrant. Personnaly, I love players who tries, who work hard... Bulis is a logic choice... he tries so hard every time he's on the ice. He doesn't have the best set of hands, but damn is he trying! Sorrily, each time I hear his name, it's like 'He made an error' or 'The goalie was weak (as Bulis scored)'. On the other hand, Ribeiro has so much talent in his hands! Yet he floats often, tries fancy moves to be the 'hero' of the french medias, then disappear. He reappear to stickhandle everybody on the ice and score, then disappear again. Of course, for them, he's god! He's the savior! The best french speaking player since Lafleur! HA! What a joke...

I'm sorry, I'm frustrated cause those who follows these pigs (and they're the majority of the french people, sorrily, just look at will take side with them, just because they're french, and because they'll have the impression, with the help of those losers, that, again, their french language is persecuted! As a french, I'm sorry for the upcoming bad words they'll have about everybody who's not french...

Pour ce que ça peut donner, je vais envoyer une lettre à RDS, leur demandant d'être plus tolérant, et que j'aimerais entendre parler des joueurs anglais et européens des fois, car je suis sûr qu'ils sont brillants eux aussi (autant qu'un joueur de hockey puisse l'être ). Quand on décide que notre langue, notre culture, est supérieure aux autres, on s'isole, ça devient de l'ethnocentrisme, et on devient pas trop intelligent. Quand on regarde le monde, c'est pomal ça la situation... devons-nous absolument faire la même chose? TOLÉRANCE, et surtout, OUVERTURE!

Just my opinion... pas de raisons de m'attaquer.

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