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02-23-2004, 01:24 PM
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Originally Posted by BBR
Didn't want to be inflamatory english is not my firt language
so some time maybe my wording is not what perfect
What i meant is that Dag as no slack 2 bad games
and every body is all over him sorry if i offend you.
It was more a reaction to your statement about Zednik being given too much slack compared to Dagenais. Each player needs to be looked at seperately. People have been complaining about Zednik for years now that he's a puck hog. Why keep repeating the same thing over and over everytime he should have passed? It gets annoying after a while. The guy's just not going to change. Dags on the other hand is still new to the team, so people are still getting to know his style, so of course they will be more critical of him. Eventually we'll just give up on him ever getting better, and stop talking about it, so long as he scores 25-30/season.

If Zednik doesn't start producing soon though you can expect to see some Trade Zednik posts...

It also didn't help that your post was the exact same as was posted about 50 times in the last few weeks to describe Ribs/Dags vs the world comments.

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