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02-23-2004, 03:15 PM
Frank Finnigan
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This team excites me to no end

I'm excited.

I haven't been this excited about the team and the potential it has potential since the start of the year. All the hype at the start of the year made it very easy to think that this team would breeze through the regular season and finish 1st overall without a problem. The slow start to the year raised some questions, though really as a fan that truly believed I knew that the team would eventually work through everything.

The Bondra trade and the injuries throughout the year both served as an eye-opener for me. The trade made me realize that we have an owner who has faith in management and who really wants to win. It also made me realize that we have a smart GM who will make the right moves, but will not act in haste.

The injuries made me more aware of the incredible depth that this team has. We all knew that the team had so many offensive weapons, but I for one was not completely aware of how good the farmhands can be. Players like Langfeld, Payer, Hamel, and others like Charlie Stephens and Chris Kelly make me comfortable knowing that if there are holes in the line-up that we can successfully plug them. If we ever get our full NHL line-up out there - watch out! The forward lines will be sick, and the defence is super deep. With that said it wouldn’t hurt if Muckler decides to add one or two more depth or role players.

I personally do not see the lack of toughness. I think that the media and fans from other teams have this perception and keep bringing it up because of past performances. People are just starting to realize that this team isn't the boring, trapping team that it used to be. Ottawa was in the top 5 teams in scoring the past 3 years, but it seems to me like they are just getting the credit for this now. Soon enough the rest of the league will know that Ottawa isn't a team that can be pushed around as well.

I also don't think that Ottawa needs that power forward type player. Having one would be great, but it is not a necessity in my eyes. I would take a more physical top-4 defenseman over a power left-winger. Though, I would not say no to either if the right deal came along. My only concerns with getting another forward is taking someone out of the line-up and having to give up too much. I trust though that Muckler will make the right move if he can, as he is much smarter than Joe-blow fan over here.

This team is young and exciting to watch. The effort isn't always there, but the players are aware of the need to turn things up a notch. The future is so bright now. The franchise is stable. The core is young. I think about how well Spezza and Havlat will play together 3 or 4 years from now and it blows my mind. With a few more years under their belts, the core of this team will just be that much better. With an owner like Melnyk, I know that the year-to-year needs of the team will also be met.

Again, this excites me.

Frank Finnigan

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