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Originally Posted by fan in oregon View Post
Gee I didnt know the big 3 were such fan favorites. I wish they had the skill to play
in the big leagues but they dont.
And you base this ludicrous statement on WHAT?
Sanford and Bacashihua are BOTH already established backup caliber goalies; and both have shown flashes of having the talent to start.

CBT has done well in EVERY league he's played at. We haven't even given him a CHANCE at the NHL level so how can you say that he doesn't have the skill to play at the NHL level; especially since he has done well at every other level?

The Blues basically held a try out
for the back up goalie last between Sanford and Bacashiua when Legace went down
and the coach Andy Murray, not me chose neither.

When did THIS happen?

I seem to remember, rather distinctly, that Cash got THE VAST MAJORITY of starts to end the year(Cash started 7 of the last 9 games). That seems to point towards a "chosing of Cash" to me.

In the case of Beckford Tseu, sure he did good in alaska but, that is lowest minors there is. After cash went back
to Peoria he was number 3 behind Scwartz and cash.
This statement says NOTHING about CBT; it is a statement regarding Cash and Schwarz. Cash and Schwarz ARE a definitive step above CBT. That doesn't mean that CBT is "bad"(as you are CLEARLY suggesting) but rather that Cash and Schwarz are GOOD(both are VERY close to being NHL ready starters).

Not only the the Blues tried to
find him work in ahl as a loaner to other teams and found no takers, Dont you think if
he even had AHL talent somebody else would have taken a flyer on him?
I suggest that you do some more research on this subject. No fewer than 4 teams were interested in getting CBT; but all of them were owned by a Parent NHL team that wanted the Blues to trade CBT to them outright instead of taking him on a "loan". The Blues refused to trade CBT; THAT is why he wasn't loaned out to another AHL team.

Like I said
I personally dont have anything against these guys.
BS you don't.
Everything you have writen regarding these 3 has been a slanted, biased opinion that has absolutely no bearing in actual facts. This little diatribe of yours is VERY personal; and you're lying if you claim otherwise.

Face the facts fellows
When you present some facts let us know.
So far you've presented nothing but a biased, personal opinion.

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