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05-01-2007, 03:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Prussian_Blue View Post
Listen, kid... in this forum, it's "end of story" only when I, or Irish Blues, say so.

Not when you say so.

In your case, however, it is "end of story," at least as far as this discussion is concerned.

I've tried, and so have others, but clearly you feel that your ill-informed opinion takes precedence over the avalanche of factual information presented to you in this thread re: the talent levels and potential of Sanford, Bacashihua, and Beckford-Tseu.

You leave me no choice, therefore, but to ban you from this particular thread. You won't listen to reason, and you respond to facts with more unsupported opinions.

Don't start another thread on goaltenders, either. If you do, you'll get a suspension for trolling, disrupting, and failure to follow instructions.


If he's banned from the thread, how is he going to read this?

No promises this time.
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