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Originally Posted by Noteman View Post
The problem with Wilson was that he did not do his homework. As great as his voice was you can only make it so far on your voice alone. Despite the fact that Kelly is sub-par, I will gladly take the additional insight he gives over Wilson's chords of gold any day of the year.
Agreed. Wilson was a very gifted pbp man. When he decided to stay interested, he could call a game with almost anyone. Unfortunately, he had the same problem that he had with the Cardinals - an inability to stay focused on the job at hand. Telling fans spellbounding stories about his shopping trips, etc., while the play went on.
Somehow he felt he was "above" having to do the pr work that guys like Buck, Dan Kelly, Costas, Bob Starr, all did routinely for their employers.
Setting aside all that - his childish tantrum as he left town,(The Buck and Kelly families are intimidted by me..), was reason enough for me to never want to see or hear from Wilson again.

Besides that - I always had a theory that with his being from Detroit, he was at least partially responsible for that shot Yzerman put past Casey....

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