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05-02-2007, 12:14 PM
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Ferderko rambles to much. . . .it gets annoying to the point where I yell SHUT UP! at the dang TV

Perhaps JD can be a duo president and color commentator . . . jk

If Ferderko quits rambling I could live with him, he knows his hockey and seems to know how plays develop. I like it when they break down the plays, it shows me something I would not normaly catch when watching a game on TV.

Wilson made the game more exciting then Kelly does, now, Kelly keeps us informed and shows us different sides of the game, but he doesnt have the "power" to lift you out of the seat like Wilson did. Perhaps its b/c the Blues dont have the exciting stuff as Wilson did, however, I'd love it if Kelly had some tag lines as did Wilson. Kelly doesnt seem to get as excited as Wilson and many other PBP guys do...but we'll give him time.

Dont like Dan Mc, he seems arrogant when interviewing players. It seems like players dont know how to respond to his questions. Plus it looks like Dan Mc (cant spell his last name for the life of me) needs a step ladder just to interview players. Just personal bias against him. Then again if he's gone, who replaces him?

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