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05-02-2007, 01:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Senor Rational View Post
Dont like Dan Mc, he seems arrogant when interviewing players. It seems like players dont know how to respond to his questions. Plus it looks like Dan Mc (cant spell his last name for the life of me) needs a step ladder just to interview players. Just personal bias against him. Then again if he's gone, who replaces him?
I remember a game a couple seasons ago where Dan was doing an interview between periods. I don't remember who he was interviewing, but either Salvy or Jammer walked in front of the camera on his way back from doing the radio interview. Dan said something to the effect of, "Just walk right in front of us, we're on live TV here." He had a real smart ass tone to him. I looked at my grandpa and said "He's lucky he didn't get his ass knocked out."

My point: I definitely see where you would get that he's arrogant.

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