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05-02-2007, 07:10 PM
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Originally Posted by nexusrage21 View Post
First of all, they are idiots. I like when someone makes a point that contradicts what they are saying, and they hang up on them, and start with the "what was he talking about".

As far as the mention of the goal. Mike was adament that it was a goal and should have been called as such. He "clearly saw a goal." Russo gave more of the, "I think it was a goal, but I don't see enough to overturn it."

What I thought was more interesting, and this goes to those who were saying they were bandwagon devils fans, (or closest dev's fans, I don't remember the exact words.) When a caller wanted to talk about the Dev's game tonight, they blew him off saying that it wasn't something to talk about. I believe the exact quote was, "Why would you talk about the devils, they play tonight, we are talking about the Rangers here."

I don't know who should be bothered more, devil's fans who were told by the Mike and the Mad Dog that their team's playoff game didn't matter, or Ranger fans who were told their team didn't stand a chance.

These guys are a joke when it comes to any real conversation about sports.
Francesca has been quoted in the past saying that he wished he could do the show without callers or that the calls are the worst part of it, something along those lines...

Just relish the underdog role folks. We proved we can play with this team but if people who have followed this team since we turned it around the last 6 weeks of the regular season onward want to spew stuff like this...let 'em.

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