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05-02-2007, 09:09 PM
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Originally Posted by MLH View Post
Yeah, that's my point. If you place a puck just barely over the goal line and look at it from that camera angle, it will appear that it's touching the line. This is not close to conclusive. The puck was in, but the right call was made.
Again, parallax is much more complicated than you and the Caps fan who posted the pics of the ruler and puck make it out to be. If the Trying to emulate the parallax caused by the camera's placement at MSG is pointless if you're just going to use a camera held 2 feet from a desk with a puck and ruler on it. Changing the angle of the camera even a fraction of an inch, coupled with changing the distance that the camera is held from the object, will give you a completely different view.

My point is that while parallax is obviously present in the freeze-frame shots over the goal, the degree to which it is present is unknown. Without creating an exact replica of the placement of goal, puck, pad and camera you won't be able to conclusively say whether the puck crossed the line. Your post indicates to me you understand this, so I'm not sure why you continue to mention it. It doesn't add anything to the argument one way or the other.

I can't wait for Game 5, so all of this nonsense can cease.


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