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05-03-2007, 07:54 PM
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And we pay attention to them because?????? Still need an answer on this.....Chris really knows about Tennis and Mike knows horse racing... although that is even up for debate!
I have called into their show twice, once in I think 91-92 Rangers-Devils series and suggested that Domi should be dressed because the Rangers were being pounded and was berated...Domi dresses next game and pots a goal and the Rangers went on to win the series.
The other is off topic, Baseball related, Mets-Braves late September game in 98 or 99 Mets three games out of first. Brian Jordan was out of the line-up and the Mets elect to pitch to Chipper Jones 8th inning of a 2-1 game, no one on & 1 out, Chipper batting righty cracks a homerun ties the game which the Braves eventually win. I call and suggest a free pass to Chipper with 1st available with the lead and no Jordan....cutoff and derided as being assinine. I am followed up by one of the Braves announcers who states that Chipper that year is averaging more homeruns per at bat from the right side of the plate than Mark McGuire, which they point out is obvious to any baseball fan.
My point is these guys aren't the end all be all because they are on air and I believe that true fans of any team have more insight then these two putz's.

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