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Originally Posted by robovaive View Post
Pretty decent analysis by this Rodent, though it would be good to have video evidence of when Drury and Zubrus leave the ice. The shift chart seems to be more of a guesstimate than anything else.
This is true also, so if anyone actually had video of the time in question, we could see if Rodent is being more eccentric than usual. If the difference was that bad, then it's one thing. If it's a few seconds...should have been called, but what can you do.

we're talking about the same shift chart that has supposedly been edited and is incorrect, yet we're now using it to prove other accuracies about icetime? Weak. I don't think the shift chart is ever supposed to be some exact thing. Watching a video and seeing when people get on and leave the ice would be much better than relying upon the same document you're already claiming to be faulty.

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