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Originally Posted by SmokeyClause View Post
True enough. But you have to weigh the non-biased view of "hockey people" with their general ignorance of the Predators situation. No offense to most 'hockey analysts' but they can no more name the ten 'actual' best Preds than they can their mom's grammar school crush. The way hockey is currently set up, it's exceedingly difficult to follow all but a handful of teams on any significant level. These guys may have a non-biased view, but I'm not sure they are all as informed as we'd like.

As for my opinion, I probably would have fired Trotz and company. I'm not nearly as patient a man as Poile is and I think Trotz gave Poile plenty of valid reasons to make a move in a different direction. But Poile has built this team, and his decision needs to be respected.

However, Poile, in my opinion, has stuck his neck out for Trotz. If we have another season of one and done, Poile might get the guillotine. He's built an impressive franchise, but has a track record for failing to get his teams over the hump. And he's choosing to stick with someone who hasn't exactly shown he's capable of taking a team anywhere in the playoffs.

Ironically enough, it's a decent risk Poile is taking by playing it safe. It has paid off in the past. My concern is this. Typically, Trotz coached teams don't fair well in March and April. But by then, it's almost too late for a conservative GM (read: not old Lou in NJ) to fire someone. What happens if there is a repeat? How many consecutive years can a team piss away a great chance at making some postseason noise?
I think this is a well thought out post Smokey, and I particularly agree with the part that I bolded. I don't think Leipold necessarily would axe Poile if we were one and done next year, but I think there is an understanding with everybody concerned that it will take a Central Division win and/or a Playoff series win for Trotz to even considered for another contract. The only thing that is the variable still is the budget that Leipold is going to give Poile...we have no inkling as to that as yet.
If Leipold keeps the budget around $40 mill the above is in effect....if he cuts back dramatically, it would be hard to justify these same expectations.

As for what I would have done......I would have felt out Pat Quinn and Pat Burns about their interest in the job.....if there wasn't overwhelming interest [which I truly doubt there was], I would have done exactly what Poile did.....I don't think anybody else out there brings more to the table than Trotz does. Not saying that I would have hired Burns or Quinn, but I would have certainly explored it.

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