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Originally Posted by SLake View Post

There simply was not a coach available out on the open market that would have made this decision an easy one to make a change without uprooting a lot of what this organization has accomplished to this point. Of the top names that I've seen people throwing around, Crisp has been away from the bench for a long time and would be a risky pick that would probably turn away some free agents based on the fact that Crispy has been in the media longer than they have been playing. Pat Quinn I don't think would ever be interested in coming to Nashville, nor did he have much success in his most recent position with Toronto and has a very standoffish vibe about himself. Claude Noel has no NHL experience at all and would have been a big risk, especially when you consider that he never played at the NHL level either.

If I were to throw a name into the hat it would have been Tampa Bay assistant coach Craig Ramsey who has had success as a player, an assistant coach, and as a head coach at the NHL level. The Lightning play a style of hockey that I believe is similar to what many around here are clammoring for, except they have a superstar center in Vinny Lecavalier and snipers like Martin St. Louis and Brad Richards. I think our personnel, although lacking a superstar center, could be very similar to them with some added productivity and size on the third and fourth lines and maybe the addition of one physical defensive defenseman back on the blueline. Then again...Tampa Bay did get bumped in the first round too.
I did my own little research on some of the names that were being thrown around on the other board last night before today's announcement. It is certainly after the fact now, and doesn't really have any meaning but I thought I would put it over here to add to your mention of "other coaches" above.....
Caution: Long Post

[quote name='Legionnaire11' post='247996' date='May 3 2007, 03:50 PM']
With a lot of people downplaying Terry Crisp saying he hasn't coached in ages. Here is a list of coaches who are available and have won a playoff series in the last 10 years...

Ron Low
Tony Granato (currently assistant with Colorado)
Larry Robinson
Pat Burns
Terry Murray (currently assistant with Philadelphia)
Craig Ramsay
Claude Julien
Pat Quinn

I certainly know more about some of these names than others, so I decided to do a little digging about each one of is a little of what I found.......
Ron Low
57 yo....won SC as Asst coach with Oilers 1990
Oilers Head Coach 94-99.....lost in rd 2 two years, lost in rd 1 one year, missed playoffs two years
NY Rangers head coach 2000-2002.....missed playoffs both years
No season over .500
Has been Ottawa scout and goalie coach starting in 2004

Assessement: Coaching resume appears to be spotty. Notable has not had any other significant coaching jobs since time with Rangers.
Truly doesn’t appear to be an upgrade over Trotz.


Tony Granato
43 asst coach with the Avs
Avs Head Coach 2002-4......lost in rd 1 first year, lost in rd 2 second year.

Said to be a "player's coach" by Bates Battaglia

Assessment: Yeah, he won a series in 2003-4, but with the likes of Forsberg, Sakic, Foote, Blake, Selanne, and Kariya.....I would say that is the ultimate in underachievement. Don't see him as an upgrade over Trotz. His resume is spotty at best

Larry Robinson
58 yo....played 20 yrs in NHL.....Norris Trophy twice, Conn Smythe Trophy once.....led Habs to 6 Stanley Cups....inducted into Hockey Hall of Fame
LA Head Coach 95-99.....lost in rd 1 once....missed playoffs other 3 years
NJ Devils 99-2000 asst coach....took over as head coach with 8 games left and WON STANLEY CUP
NJ Devils Head coach.....2000-1 lost in SC Finals…fired midway through 01-02 season
NJ Devils 2005-6 replaced Pat Burns [cancer] but quit Dec 2005 citing "stress and health issues"

Known as a defensive minded coach....ran "the Trap" in NJ......said to be an X's and O's coach....known as a "players coach".....said to do better with veterans than rookies.....

Assessment: With his resume, he would be instantly credible with the players. His “defensive minded trap style would be boring to watch, but potentially do well in the playoffs. I don't know if that style would play well in this market.
The big question to me is whether his stress and health issues are resolved......if they are, he would be somebody to consider.


Pat Burns
55 yo....3 times Jack Adams Trophy winner with Habs 89, Leafs 93, and Bruins 99.
11th all time in total victories.....7th in Playoff victories [61].....17th in winning percent .551
Habs Head Coach 88-92.....lost in Finals one year, lost in round 2 other three years
Leafs Head Coach 92-5 ....lost in rd 3 two years, lost in rd 1 one year, fired 95-96 season
Bruins Head Coach 97-2000....lost in rd 1 one year, lost in rd 2 one year, missed playoffs one year, fired 2000-1 season
New Jersey Head Coach 2002-3 WON STANLEY CUP
NJ Head Coach 2003-4 lost in rd 1 and stepped down due to second bout with colon cancer now with mets to liver, underwent 2nd round of chemo.

Mixed reports on whether he might want to get back into coaching:
12/06: " And, yes, Burns unequivocally wants to resume coaching at the right time and place."

1/07: Pat Burns looked wonderfully robust when we saw him on Friday in Tampa Bay. Although media types keep suggesting the idea of Pat returning to coaching, we believe Burns when he says he'd just as soon finish his hockey career working as a special assignments man for Lou Lamoriello.

2/07: "I still love coaching, no question about that," Burns said. "I mean, I did it for 20 years (14 seasons in the NHL), more than 1,000 games (1,019) in the NHL, of course you miss it.
"But I don't hold the cards in that situation, someone else does. If someone was interested, it would be up to Lou (Devils GM Lamariello) first."
Indeed, if a team wanted to hire Burns, they would have to get permission from the Devils to talk and gain his release. That likely wouldn't be a problem.

Assessment: Burns would be a great coach to get, but since he didn't come back to coach the Devils when Lou fired Julien, it seems that he probably doesn't want to get back into the fray.....also with Lou not having hired next year's Devil's coach, I can't see him giving Poile approval to hire him as a Preds coach. If he is interested and healthy.....I say go for it, but I think the chances of that happening are truly remote.

Terry Murray
57 of Bryan Murray Ottawa's head coach....currently asst coach with Philadelphia [03-04 and 06-07]
19th all time in total victories....21st in winning percentage .545
Wash Caps Head Coach 89-94.....lost in rd 3 one year, lost in rd 2 one year, lost in rd 1 two years, fired during 93-94 season
Phily Flyers head coach 94-97.....lost in rd 3 one year, lost in rd 2 one year, lost in SC Finals one year….then fired, why?
Florida Panthers head coach 98-2000.....missed playoffs one year, lost in first round other year.

Assessment: Poile knows him well as he coached the Caps for him from 89-94, when Poile fired him and brought in Jim Schoenfield. There is probably reasons that he hasn't been a head coach since 2000 that I am not aware of. Poile certainly knows him better than I could ever find out.....if he wants to hire him back, fine....if not, I won't lobby for him.
Craig Ramsay
56yo....won Selke Trophy once.....current Associate coach with TB….won SC as asst coach while in Tampa in 2004
Buffalo Head coach 86-87.....didn't make playoffs
Phily Head Coach 2000-1....lost in rd 1

Assists Torterella in all aspects of the game with emphasis in special teams and defense....known to be "easy going"...."one of hockey's all-time 'good guys'"....plays "good cop" for Torterella
Clarke fired Ramsay for "lack of team toughness" and "lack of intensity in players" in 2001

Ramsay: Odessey on Ice

Assessment: When I hear "lack of team toughness" and "unable to light a fire in his players bellies," I worry about bringing him in, frankly. His coaching resume is marginal, at best, as a head coach, and I see no upgrade over Trotz here.

Claude Julien
47 yo....only 3 years as a head coach in junior and minors before becoming a head coach in Montreal.....indistinguished player's career

Habs Head Coach 2003-2006....lost in rd 2 one year...missed playoffs other 2 years....fired halfway through 05-06 season
NJ Devils Head Coach 2006-7....fired with 3 games to go in regular season and replaced by GM Lou Lamirrillo.

Initially Lou's explanation was: ""I do not think we're at a point of being ready both mentally, and with the play necessary, to go into the playoffs."
While Lou would not get into specifics, some players were willing to talk on the condition of anonymity. Although he was a sweetheart as a person, Julien lacked firmness -- call it leadership qualities -- that would inspire respect among the players.
One player talked of "chaos" on the bench.
Another report indicated that a player openly criticized one of Julien's decisions in a mockingly sarcastic way after a practice.
Another theory floated is that the unusual spate of groin injuries may have caused by practices that lacked enough intensity, making the players more susceptible during vigorous game conditions.
First place or not, there was no paradise in the dressing room.

Assessment: Julien does not look like the coach to "take us to the next level"....if he is being fired 3 games before the Playoffs for allegedly "not having the respect of the dressing room"....he has no business replacing Trotz, as far as I am concerned, because his coaching record does not speak otherwise.

Pat Quinn
64 yo.....Jack Adams Trophy winner 79…currently a consultant for Dallas Stars

Led Canada to Olympic Gold in 2002 and World Cup Gold in 2004, and to the Spengler Cup Final in 2006.

5th all time total victories....4th all time playoff victories [85]....18th winning percentage .551.....has 11 first round Playoff wins in 16 NHL head coaching seasons.

Philly Head Coach 78-82....lost in rd 2 two years, lost in SC Finals one year, fired during 82 season
LA Kings Head Coach 84-6....missed playoffs one year….fired second year way through season
Vancouver Head Coach 90-94, then GM....lost in rd 1 one year, lost in rd 2 one year, lost in SC Finals one year
Toronto Head Coach 98-2006....lost in rd 3 two years, lost in rd 2 three years, lost in rd 1 one year, missed playoffs last year before fired.

Known to be offensively minded, with teams oriented on speed, puck possession and puck movement....not known for being defensive minded. Definitely favors veteran players at the expense of young player development at times. Rumored to like the whiskey and cigars. Known to be "bombastic."

" Quinn can come across as a pretty mean person at times - a trait from his old playing days. But ask anyone who's ever played for him and they'll tell you that he's the kind of coach who you will go through a brick wall for. Quinn, who is bigger than almost every player he's ever coached, commands and demands respect and hard work. In return he's extremely loyal, probably to a fault.
Such respect around the hockey world and his tremendous experience were two of the reasons why the gum chomping Quinn was selected by Wayne Gretzky to coach the 2002 version of Team Canada at the Salt Lake Olympic Games. Not yet able to hoist the Stanley Cup over his head, returning the Olympic gold medal to Canada for the first time in 50 years stand as his greatest coaching accomplishment."

It appears he is interested in getting back in the coaching fray:
" "Hockey's still something that I love and that I'm interested in," Quinn said from Davos, Switzerland. "I'll pay close attention and if something comes along that provides an opportunity to be in the game in the future than I'll certainly have a good look at it.
" Several players noted the calming influence he had on the team, particularly early in the tournament when it got behind in a couple games before coming back to win them. "When he walks in the room, you just feel his presence (and feel) that it's business time," said captain Stacy Roest, a former NHLer with Detroit and Minnesota. "I was very honoured to play for Pat Quinn."

Assessment: Pat Quinn is probably the most intriguing option out there. He is known as one of the greatest hockey minds in the business. He still hungers for the missing piece in his resume....a Stanley Cup. Would Poile and Leipold feel too intimidated to hire him? Is he right for Nashville? I would say, if we could get Pat Quinn....go for it.

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