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05-04-2007, 06:03 PM
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Originally Posted by hightide85 View Post
Mike and The big sissy fruitcake are talking to Joe Michelletti now.

Joe points out Rangers only had two less points than Sabres over last few months of season. Chris says that's "misleading".

They refuse to give Jagr, or anyone credit.

Call me crazy, but isn't this New York?

This makes me wanna smash stuff all over my office. I wish these clowns said nappy headed hos so they'd be off the air. I HATE these clowns. They know nothing about the game, but KILL THE HOMETOWN TEAM???

God....get off the air, you losers. They were definitely stuffed in many lockers in high school.
Are you crazy? There's no way Francessa would fit inside a high school locker.

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