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02-24-2004, 10:16 AM
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Originally Posted by mcphee
Seems to me that we've had this dance before and I don't think we'll convince each other of anything but.. Todd was immobile for about 18 months but had a lot of comments about what was going on with some local teams. In fairness he couldn't be blamed for his physical problems, but there was a priod of time that he was calling them from afar like he accuses, I assume Tremblay, of doing. Before that he wrote some Expo articles criticizing management, when he hadn't covered the team or attended a game in quite awhile. I can't be more specific because I can't remember. Talk about your media feuds, there haven't been any better than
Melnick/Todd in the English media and I guess if you know which side I come down on by looking at my avatar.

Habnot, isn't the job of a columnist to express his opinion and be somewhat of an instigator ? He isn't there to further a cause. That's the problem with local media in the first place.
Good point but I still find it irresposible of media people who just don't do the work and resort to lazy arguements. Last week Tony Marinaro on the Team 990 was a prime example. For two days he was all over Koivu saying that he was possibly envious or jealous, sentiments that he was unable to prove except that he has "sources" within the team. McGuire said it best when he shot Marinaro down by saying he never played the game or in a dressing room to truely understand the game. Enough said!

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