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02-24-2004, 09:46 AM
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Originally Posted by oli500
You see Ward in my opinion can score goals. He scored them in hamilton for two straight seasons. I know it's not the same calibre of hockey but still all Ward needs its a bit of confidence. Look at Ryder at the begining of the season. He had the confidence of his coach and ryder has done a tremendous job...

...All this to say that the coaches confidence towards a young player plays a big role in a young players development and if the coach has confidence in Ward to play him on the first line, I think he can do a tramondous job even with that lack of talent.

As they say those who work hard everyday well get rewarded one day and in my opinion its the perfect example to give the other young players. Ward has been one of those players that has given his 100% everyday and should play with koivu and zednik for a while.
I believe that Ward, if given the chance, will surprise all those nay-sayers who claim he lacks the skill to play on an offensive line. I remember exactly the same thing said last season and early in this one about Ryder...

A two or three week absence to Bulis just may allow Ward to steal his spot beside Koivu and Zednik. The beauty part is tha Bulis will really elevate our third line if Julien decides to go that way and can also spell Dagenais on the second line if his effort level slips once again.

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