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05-07-2007, 08:36 AM
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Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but he is currently 25, and has played for two years. That means he'll be a UFA when he hits 27, which is only 2 years away.

I think he is the Real Deal, and could be a perennial Vezina finalist - just like he was the past two years. And most goalies continue to improve and peak later than 25. This is a guy you build a team around.

DiPietro got 4.5 M for 15 years. Luongo, another Vezina finalist got 6.75 M for 4 years. I have little doubt that 4.5 M is underpayment for Lundqvist once he is a UFA. If the contract is seven years, he is signed until he is 32 - at which age most all-star players continue to be all-star players and some are just about peaking.

The only risk I see is that he is injured and can continue to play, but not as high of a level. But 4.5 M, while painful, is not a _huge_ amount of contract to eat for nothing (think of Weekes & Ozolinsh).

I would love if he signed this deal. If anything, I think it might not be enough money.

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