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Originally Posted by Frightened Inmate #2 View Post
...players have evolved over time and that needs to be taken into account, hell look at Roy Worter's beer belly in that picture that was posted a while back...
I agree totally.

How does that point relate at all to the Thunder's line-up? It doesn't!!!

Smith was a farmer in the off season and that's probably how he got the rep as the strongest NHLer: build some fences and run a big farm and get pretty tough, those farmers and ranchers. Shane Doan grew up on a ranch and he attributed his toughness to that upbringing. Tsygankov was a strong, fearless, shot-blocking top checker for the Soviets throughout the 70s, a decade they PROVED they're as good as NHLers!! at least the top Soviets were, and he was a part of all those teams at that time, alternate captain as well... (whereas, the Soviets of the 50s I'm as suspect about as the NHLers of the 30s, though in both cases I judge those picks differently, as honouring the past, and give them the benefit of the doubt in terms of how they'd fare with modern nutrition, training, equipment, etcetera, though looking at pictures of waaaay back then, I can't help but think there's no way they'd be in the same league, that we are - in part - simply acknowledging the past and respect for picks are on that basis.) Burrows I remember as a premier player defensively and (here's a new link, one more respected) is listed on the NHLPA Legends site:
"... established himself as one of the NHL's best defensive rearguards. And although he lacked almost any scoring knack in the offensive zone, he was well equipped to cover his own end of the rink. In his prime, he could skate faster backwards than most players could move forwards, and as such, could stifle any one-on-one threat with exceptional efficiency.

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