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05-07-2007, 04:47 PM
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First, let's all agree that a trade for a pick is only going to happen when the pick comes up and the player the Blues have in mind is still there.

Given Washington's need for defense and St Louis' stable of solid roster D and potential 2007-08 roster D players, it only makes sense that the two parties would at least have mutual interest in talking trade and to me, is the most likely scenario for the Blues to trade up. I would be willing to give up Backman (or anybody else lower than him in the depth charts and I don't think EJ is lower) and depending on the player available, either of our two later 1st round picks. Given the current sentiment you could assume that the likely top 5 picks will be, in no particular order


So one of these guys end up remaining when Washington's pick comes up and maybe two if someone snatches Alzner with the top 4, (the question mark in my mind is whether the Caps have already zereoed in on Alzner as their pick which would make all this moot). So the question becomes:

..Would you make this deal?
..Which of the 5 remaining would not do the deal if they were the one still on the board at pick 5?

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