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05-07-2007, 08:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Robb_K View Post
There are 30 choices in the 2nd round. The Blues' is a relatively high one. Their 3rd rounder (at #39) and a 4th, might be acceptable, rather than giving up their 2nd. it will depend upon what other teams were offering. The Caps might accept that from The Blues, rather than getting a very late 1st rounder and a 2nd, so they can still pick among the top 10.
Being technical, it'll actually be 31 - Minnesota will get a compensatory pick b/c A.J. Thelen (#12, 2004) is going back into the draft.

Originally Posted by PocketNines View Post
The first issue is: Does Jarmo/Blues mgmt covet a player in the top 5 or so that they feel they must get if they have an opportunity?

If no, no trade up. If yes, then it probably takes that #39 IMO (Robb K, I'll stick to this b/c if I had the #5 pick I probably wouldn't drop to #9 for the #69 and the #99, but the #39 is what it would take especially if multiple teams make offers). I trust Jarmo so if they really covet that #5ish pick then I'd accept the loss of the #39.
I can't say for sure, but my gut feeling is that they'll be exploring moving up but nothing will happen until about a week or so before the draft. Don't expect much to happen until after the combine and after teams have had individuals come in for personal workouts ... but after that, I expect them to be talking to everyone above them.

Originally Posted by PocketNines View Post
I wish draft day were here already.
I think that sums up the feeling of many Blues fans. This ought to be a *very* interesting draft.

Originally Posted by Jackmans Domain View Post
I'd just assume the Blues stay put....keep all 3 1st rounders and see if the drafting department can strike gold. either that or trade down...into next year's draft, where the Blues could again have multiple 1st rounders.
I'd rather deal for 1st round picks in '09 and try to improve our chances of landing Tavares.

No promises this time.

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