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05-08-2007, 12:06 PM
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Originally Posted by blueshead View Post
Let me clear up a couple of points on my post:

..Its not to move up a measly 4 picks, its not moving from #9 to #5, the scenario was Jackman and one of the mid 20's for the 5th pick, so it was moving up 15+ spots.
..Its not reducing the number of picks, we would still have the same number of picks.
..And once again it was dependent on the player we wanted still being available at #5

To me, the chance to get a JVR (unlikely at #5) or a Chepenarov (probably also unlikely with LA at #4) or maybe even Voracek (but it seems his stock is dropping) this would be worth trading Backman considering our current roster and the guys we have waiting in the wings.

The hole with the Blues in my mind is still that high impact offensive player you build a team around, the Crosby, the Ovechkin, the Thornton or even someone similar to that level (and the whole scenario is based on the assumption that Jarmo thinks that one is still on the board) many chances do you have presented to get that type of player...not many...and if we could have a shot at the cost of surplus D I would say go for it.

And in the spirit of keeping me out on the fringe of draft day logic, I would say, if the draft workouts support it, I would use the #9 to pick Esposito if he is still on the board. I think all of the bad press is overblown and this is exactly the high reward player we need. I would feel very comfortable, if Jarmo liked the idea, of depending on AM being able to shape this kid and get the most out of him. I think we have exactly the type of coach necessary to get the most out of kids.
I agree! IF Jarmo and JD think a specific forward (left on the board) is a difference maker of the calibre that won't be available at #9, they should use draft choices and/or one of the defencemen to get that player. I just hope they don't give up too much value (i.e. the potential to get 2 impact forwards) for overall line depth (the type that Buffalo enjoys).

I agree about Esposito. A lot of his "mental" and/or "attitude" problems may just be conjecture and hearsay, as it was with Kessel. Kessel seems to be more or less what the scouts had described. Esposito has too big a talent/skill level to be scared away by a "perceived" bust potential. The New atmosphere of hard work and responsibility/accountability that JD and Murray have installed with The Blues should be able to keep Esposito in line, and foster his development. I think I'd pick him, if he were still on the board at #9, rather than jump up to #5 to pick Turris or Voracek, and give up #9 and a 2nd rounder, or Bäckman and a late 1st or early 2nd. But, there are several picks between #5 and #9 in which Esposito, Couture, Voracek and several other good players could be taken. it could be a gamble to sit and wait with #9. If Blues' management wants to have a certain forward much more than the others, they'll make that move to go after him.

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