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05-08-2007, 02:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Murphy2 View Post
Playoffs are gonna be great aren't they?
They are going to be entertaining I will give you that, as long as it doesn't take as long as it did last time, over 2-3 weeks is to long in my opinion... slows everything down and goes from being fun to being a bore.

Anyways seeing as though the teams are pretty well formed I will start on some of my reviews

Best Offense (no specific order)
VanIslander - Some very tallented players on the front end and I can see the lines clicking very well (don't know much about Vikulov on the first line because he is one of those that you selected that there is such limited reading about that I can't get a handle as to how good they really were. That being said the one fault I see on your team is the lack of a physical presence, especially on your top two lines, there really isn't a power forward and your most physical forward is likely a tossup between Francis and Larionov, two players noted for their less than physical play. I have the same concerns about my own team (what a shift from the last draft) so it isn't me picking on you.
Nalyd - Best 1-2-3 combo that I have ever seen in the draft from an offensive perspective. The lack of depth is a huge concern though as Mats Naslund for instance on the first line? He wasn't that much of a first line player when he was in the league and in an all time draft giving him first line type minutes could be asking for trouble. I see great top end talent but a lack of depth which could prove fatal come playoff time. Also what the hell are co-captains... I have seen a rotating captancy... but I have never heard of two captains at the same time.
Evil Sather - I don't like this team but he has assembled a solid collection of forwards who should be able to win games based on talent alone. Obviously the playoffs will be an issue and don't even mention the booze, fast cars, cheeseburgers and the mob.


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