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05-08-2007, 04:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Brett_Lebda View Post
That doesn't make any sense at all......
Actually, when you look at the draft order, it makes perfect sense. It gives mullin/VanI back-to-back-to-back picks. A trade-down of six spots at this point in the draft means nothing. Teams are now looking to pick based on need, not on BPA.

Odds are good that the player mullin/VanI want the most for their first of six 23rd round picks will not be picked between picks 618 and 624. Trust me - these are the sort of things you realize after entering the minor league draft. It's not a move I would make, but mullin/VanI have made a lot of moves I wouldn't make. And I'm sure I've made moves they wouldn't make. reck was in the right place from their perspective, and he benefits. (And if there's a guy who deserves to move up six spots without a serious price, it's probably reck).

After I picked Engblom, the player I wanted the most was Curt Fraser. (Partially for sentimental reasons, but I outlined earlier why he was a good pick). I got him. And that's waiting for 39 picks. After I nabbed Fraser, the guy I wanted the most was Gary Bergman. I got him after waiting another 17 picks.

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