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Originally Posted by Frightened Inmate #2 View Post
So you drafted a small player with good playmaking skills who scored a goal that Kharlamov set up? Sound about right
sarcastic and belittling.... thanks for nothing

The Thunder select as the right wing finisher to play on the Kharlamov-Larionov line: Vladimir Vikulov. He was the guy who scored the GWGs in games 4 and 5 of the 1972 Summit Series in Moscow on Kharlamov's line. In Canada Cup '76 he scored 4 goals and 7 points in 4 games. Twice in his career he has been on a line with Kharlamov and they clicked, so should again. Vikulov has 283 goals in 520 Soviet league games, 109 goals in 190 international games.

Vladimir Vikulov was an extremely skillful and creative forward with slick stick handling, impressive 1-on-1 techniques, rapid and accurate shots on goal and well-catered assists on goals scored by his partners. Many famous players enjoyed the opportunity to play in one line with Vikulov considered one of the best Soviet playmakers in the 1960's and 1970's. The list of his career linemates included such world class individuals as Anatoly Firsov and Victor Polupanov, Valery Kharlamov and Alexander Maltsev, Boris Alexandrov and Victor Zhluktov. Overall, Vikulov was arguably one of the classiest Soviet forwards.

USSR Gold (12): 1964-1966, 1968, 1970-1973, 1975, 1977-1979
WC Gold: 1966-1971, 1975
Olympics Gold: 1968, 1972
National Awards:
USSR All Stars 1970-1972
Scoring Leader (G) 1972
Merited Sports Master (USSR ZMS) 1967
International Awards:
IIHF All Stars 1971, 1972

was on a couple of the greatest Soviet lines (mentioned here on four different "great" Soviet lines, two of them with Thunder's Kharlamov):
5. Valery Kharlamov-Anatoly Firsov-Vladimir Vikulov
Team USSR and CSKA
Early 1970s

They didn't play very long together. One of the top offensive lines of the late 1960s, Firsov-Polupanov-Vikulov lost its center. Legendary Tarasov tried various players to replace Polupanov. Finally, he added Kharlamov to the famous linemates. "We didn't have to explain much to Valery," remembered Firsov. "It just clicked." Born out of Tarasov's experiments and attempts to extend hockey career of aging Red Army stars, the line is mostly remembered for its performance at the '72 Olympics. With Tarasov's retirement, Firsov left Team USSR and the Kharlamov-Maltsev-Vikulov line at the '72 Summit Series was a quick fixer-upper for a promising line.

6. Boris Alexandrov-Victor Zhluktov-Vladimir Vikulov
Team USSR and CSKA
Mid 1970s

They were the second line with the Red Army club and, briefly, with Team USSR in the 1970s. Small and speedy, Alexandrov had a promising scoring touch. Never mind his small size - no giant defenseman was an authority to Alexandrov when he was free-wheeling to the net. Vikulov had great soft hands and incredible playmaking talent. Zhluktov was not a magnificent player but served as a very solid and reliable backbone of the line.

The Canadians arrived in Moscow one game down on their opponents. After the first game at the Luzhniki Sports Palace, the gap doubled. A mistake by Clarke in the final minutes of the game cost the Canadians a tie. He was trying to control the puck near the boards and shot a pass to his partner, Rod Seiling. But Valeri Kharlamov intercepted the pass and flipped the puck to Vladimir Vikulov, who beat Tony Esposito at the net.

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