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05-08-2007, 11:17 PM
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I'm gonna have to second the opinion of most others and go with Drury. I think he's the kinda guy that could put up good numbers on a team like the one we have now. We could use a guy that is able to work in front of the cage and bang in the loose pucks. Put him between Shanny (if he comes back) and Callahan and I think you've got magic. Take two guys who can really provide some leadership when the going gets tough and add a touch of enthusiasm from Callahan and you've got a phenomenal second line. I could definitely see them coming out and producing when the first line is being hampered by the oppositions top d-squad.

Gomez would be my second choice, hes fast and scrappy. I don't particularly like Brieres on-ice attitude and I have my doubts about his ability on a team that isn't simply offense, offense and more offense like the Sabres. Forsberg isn't worth the time. He was great but I don't care if he only plays 30 games, he'll still find a way to get injured. Not to mention the amount of minutes hes racking up in the box lately.

I'm torn on Malik honestly. I think he's a decent player but he's built for the pre-lockout NHL and isn't a strong enough skater to really be worth while. I certainly don't believe the reactions he's been getting lately.

I'm anxious to see what Staal can do. We could use another play making d-man. I think Staal / Mara is a good fit as well.

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