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Originally Posted by Son of Steinbrenner View Post
I've done it and i can't imagine playing hockey with it...Yeah i'm sure they shot him up but the pain when the pain killers wares off is not fun in the least...

It's not something that heals right and is usually something that can happen again...

The therapy involved (and i'm not a pro athlete obviously) takes about a year...

Not something i'd wish on anybody...well maybe a few people...

SOS -- how bad was the rehab? I tore up my bicep the last week of March mountain biking. Actually spent 2 days in the hospital cause it swelled up so bad. The pain was unreal -- and this is coming from someone who tore ACL's in both knees. The morphine was great! Did two MRI's and I've got some damage to the bicep tendon but I have a large rupture of one of the heads of the bicep. The swelling and bruising hasn't gone down but I'm supposed to start rehab in the couple of weeks. My doc is telling me that its a tough road -- 6 months to a year with the damage I have.

To all the rest, hats off to Marty. The pain is intense. The worse thing is that you lose all strenght. Right now I can barely lift a beer with my left hand. This is coming from a guy who played football in college and used to bench 400 lbs and curl 150. The fact that Marty even went out there and played hockey with a torn bicep is incredible. Seriously that guy is a warrior and I take back anything I've ever said about pansy euros.

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