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05-11-2007, 07:42 AM
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Originally Posted by FissionFire View Post
He's a 20 goal guy who plays the body well. He's nasty, and has been accused of dirty play by some in the past. He's been known to run a goalie or two. He's still very young which would be perfect for the Panthers young core as he'd be in his prime the same time they are. He's a bit undisciplined and still takes bad penalties and make mistakes in his own zone. He'll also miss 6-12 games a season with injuries. He has the potential to become a 1st/2rd line winger who can score 25-35 goals consistently, but has to show the commitment to becoming more than a 3rd liner still.
he's already scored 25 goals. He would have been closer to 27 or 28 this year, if not for breaking his foot blocking a shot, so calling him a 20 goal guy is a downgrade. He should be counted on for at least 25, given that he's done that for 2 years now from the third line. With more icetime, he'd be capable of more.

As for 6-12 games a year, he played in 81 games last year, and this year's injury was somewhat freakish, so I wouldn't call him "prone."

And his mistakes in his own zone are rare. He's actually pretty defensively responsible\can and has played on the PK.


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