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05-11-2007, 08:14 AM
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Originally Posted by iglooed View Post
I'm curious, now that the playoffs for NY have concluded, how did the city deal with the sucess?

Did the Rangers again go under the microscope and treated like Caps would be in DC OR did the Rangers garner substanial gains in fans, media coverage, and generate citywide interest far reaching?

In other words did this help bring hockey back, was the treatment the Rangers got on par with what PHI would get for hockey in the playoffs or BOS, our chief counter towns?

The way I see it, baseball is 1st in NY, football in PHI, and baseball 1st in BOS, you won't overtake them with hockey, but if we got similar support citywide and regional, that's cool.
Just as long as we weren't niched or bandwagoned like they do in the sunbelt.

BTW...for the showings at MSG, did they have a lot of people come.
Do you think if we made it to the 3rd round it's be similar to crowd outside HSBC tonight?

Yeah there was a good showing at the garden. Everyone, and everything, was kept to one half so it made it seem nice and full. Alot like being at a game really, except different, not as loud I guess too. The team not being on the ice, and the size of the crowd were really the only differences. I came out from LI, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat, even if I had to pay the 10.00 next time.

Hockey in NY, is hockey in NY. Casual fans don't really care unless the teams are doing well. I'm sure if the Rangers begin to be consistant contenders, then that will change. Until the cycle repeats anyway. It's certainly no Detroit/Montreal/Toronto culture, if that's what your asking, but it was good to hear people talking about the team for awhile. We even got a few back covers in the paper

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