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05-11-2007, 03:16 PM
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"I think the risk factor though with him is low, and it probably wouldn't take much to entice him here. $1,500,000- $1,750,000 should do it."

You have to be kidding me... This is about as stupid as it was giving Cullen close to 3 Mill last year.

We don't even have room for Dawes right now! And you want to add in another 3rd line winger and take away cap room needed for the real thing we need a 1st/2nd line center!

The only thing I would like about it... is the chance of Tom and Tayler playing together. But seriously how many Brother combinations have worked out besides the Sedins? Plus Tom won't be ready for a good 2 years.

I take Hossa and the 1Mill cap space over Pyatt any day of the week. In fact I would rather see dawes, bourret, or korpedo in the spot over pyatt.

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