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02-25-2004, 10:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Fan-of-#9
I agree with most of your points but it's also pretty obvious you have something against Afino. Max is Max, a fast scoring line winger, IMO a clone of Sergei Berezin.
There is no doubt that Max has outperformed Pyatt this year, and deserves a spot on this team before Taylor. I don't expect Pyatt to become the next Bertuzzi overnight, and I feel confident that one day he will be one hell of a power forward, but the fact of the matter is that Pyatt needs to play harder than he has so far this year.

Ruff did not get us to a cup, Dom Hasek did....Bottom line.

I'm a pretty big supporter of Martin Biron, but I lose confidence in him as easily as he loses confidence in himself.
I don't have anything against Afinogenov. I have something against the Kool Aid inspired worship of him. Afinogenov has not outperformed Pyatt. Max has 4 more points than Pyatt. Pyatt is much better defensively and plays more physically than Afinogenov. How does 4 more points make up for the rest of their games? Pyatt needs to be more consistent, no doubt. So does Afinogenov. It was Afinogenov, not Pyatt, who was benched for several games because he played so terribly.

If Hasek got us to the Cup, why couldn't he do it with Muckler or Nolan? In our Cup run, Hasek stole two games from the Sens, and one from the St*rs. That's it. We outplayed our opposition until the Finals - and that Gregson is one hell of a goal scorer. Very difficult to defend.

I doubt Biron loses confidence in himself. I doubt many goaltenders do. You have to have a certain arrogance even when you play like crap.