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05-12-2007, 12:40 PM
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I rarely get a penalty. I maybe get one a season. I don't try to be over aggressive with the pushing and shoving and if someone hits me I don't even look at him, I just keep going. That's the key, just keep playing no matter how much some ass hole is hitting you because if you're playing Beer league obviously there's no hitting. If they hit you then eventually they will get a penalty. If I get a penalty I just skate straight to the box, I don't even question it. The more you complain the more the refs will start to pick you out. Most rinks use the same refs all the time, so if you always yap at the refs they'll eventually know who you are and will start calling any little thing on you. I think that helps me, the refs don't know me, coupled with the fact that I'm a little guy (only 5'8") when I knock someone over they usually don't even call it.

But as I said, no matter what happens, just remember it's Beer league and if they go at you just keep going like nothing happened. Odds are if it was serious enough then they'll get the penalty and not you. Then your team will get a PP and they may score a goal and that's much sweeter revenge than you getting into a fight and getting thrown out while your team has to kill a 5 minute penalty.

If you're the kind of player that likes to yap your mouth at the other team, then do it, but don't act upon it. I love when the other team likes getting chippy and then some teammates will start ripping on them and then they'll do something stupid which means a powerplay for us.

Be Sean Avery not Donald Brashear

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