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05-12-2007, 12:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Finnerican View Post
I don't get angry unless someone triggers it.
Don't let anyone push your buttons like that.

I'm over protective of our stars and when people piss me off I let them know.
Trust the refs to do their job. Every game should be a clean slate -- don't think that because there were missed calls last game that they are against you. They're there to keep things under control. If the other team's roughing up your stars without being called for it then (politely) talk to the officials -- note specific instances and tell them that you're willing to get suspended to protect your players IF the non-calls continue. But give them every chance to moderate the game before you take matters into your own hands.

It's just a problem but it gets alot of my team pumped up
Don't let anyone push your buttons like that. You punch an old lady in the parking lot and at least one moron is guaranteed to cheer you on. If you get suspended or ejected by the league your pumped up team won't pay for the games you can't play.

I won't quit but I guess thinking before i act would be good.
Good idea. Hockey is a really fast sport and much of the time (for me at least) a player is on automatic -- you re-act to what's happening because there's no time to think first. If you're conditioned to hit back when you get hit then you need to change your thinking. If someone hits you, you can laugh at him and say, "That the best you've got?" and put it back on him. Just play smart and remember to keep it fun.

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