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02-25-2004, 02:46 PM
Said too much
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Originally Posted by Chainshot
And that means what exactly? That Ken decided to leave him off the list so that makes it <i>mean</i> something? Whatever. He's in the same sort of position as guys like Botterill are: mid-20's and looking at minor league career. Puts him squarely in the category of "Fading" in my book. And I hope like hell he plays, plays well, and forces his way onto the team.
That was a tongue-in-cheek comment that I obviously didn't make clear enough was tongue-in-cheek. My bad. As for Milley I agree with you but I just think he's fallen behind guys like Bartovic, Paille, Thorburn and Gaustad who all have similar upsides.

Originally Posted by Chainshot
If that's the determining factor, bumping up an equalization pick one round, then they've more than written off their farm club.
Based on Milley's value, yeah I think that's the determining factor. You yourself said he doesn't even have Daniel Corso's trade value and I'm not sure he could bring much back. I think the Amerks would do fine without him. They just need Pominville and Ryan back, but that's a different issue.

Originally Posted by Chainshot
He hasn't played well since his demotion. If he'd responded by filling the nets or marked up the boards with impact craters, he'd likely be back and in the lineup again.
Fair enough.

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