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05-14-2007, 11:13 AM
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Originally Posted by inferno272 View Post
IMHO Hossa is the better player, albeit not by much.

im a 3rd party so i cant be accused of being biased towards either team.

Hossa has far less to work with in Atlanta. You guys simply do not have playmakers like Alfredson and Spezza. Both are all-world passers, and both create time and space with their amazing skill set.

who did Hossa play with? i honestly dont keep track of the line combinations, but i know for a fact none of the players in the thrashers lineup comes close to the skill level these guys have in terms of passing.

its easy to call Heatley a better player when he plays with Spezza and Alfredson, but if you look at the bigger picture, Hossa creates a lot more stuff through sheer skill, speed, and will, rather than relying on other guys.

If i were the Thrashers GM, point 1 would be to sign Scotty Gomez asap. Put him on a line with Hossa, and you can guarantee, injuries aside, hossa will put up 50+ goals easy.

You are NUTS if you think Heatley relys on anyone to score, nuts. And he proved that in the 17 games little over a month Spezza was injured. He actualy averaged MORE points and scored MORE goals in that stretch than any other time in his career including NHL player of the month. He was centered by Chris Kelly and his game actualy improved big time as well away from the puck. As for playmaking Heatley is one of the best playmaking wingers in the NHL and I can tell you that much. He is such a great passer if you watch him play and sets up those guys as much as they set him up. You should watch.

As for Hossa he is a great person and has lots of skill and speed, but his finish is not the best and when there is pressure he goes missing. That is the only thing and ultimately biggest thing. You play the game for the playoffs and getting the job done there, not regular season. That is the bottom line. If you want that excuse Hossa has been with this team and has played with Alfredsson and Spezza even though he was just 20 then. He had Martin Havlat, wade Redden to get him the puck also and a stacked 113 pts presidents trophy Ottawa team. And he still underwhelmed.

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