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05-14-2007, 05:07 PM
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Still stuff going on with Glens Falls: new seats might be installed over the summer, the AHL commissioner is visiting this week.
Sounds to me as if the Rangers are playing both sides (Hartford and Glens Falls) off against each other in an attempt to get the best deal. There seems to be some bad blood in Hartford.
From what I've gathered (reading local papers and various websites), any deal with either Hartford and Glens Falls will be short term (1 or 2 years) as the Rangers try to come up with a long term solution to the location of the franchise.
Aside from Hartford and Glens Falls (Hartford is an excellent location, as is Glens Falls), options may include Brooklyn (expanding Aviator or playing in the Nets facility), Westchester (don't have a clue at this point where that would be, doesn't seem viable) or Danbury (where negotiations on a new 5000 seat arena are in a "quiet period" (essentially a no comment period where all sides have agreed not to comment to the press).
So, I would think its either Hartford or Glens Falls for 07-08. The AHL needs to begin work on its schedule ASAP and needs to know fairly quickly.

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